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"Grand Prix" - Papua New Guinea - Medium Roast

"Grand Prix" - Papua New Guinea - Medium Roast

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The "Grand Prix" Papua New Guinea coffee is a standout variety that embodies the spirit of competition and excitement associated with high-speed races. With its unique flavor profile, it delivers an exceptional and memorable coffee experience.

Tasting Notes:
1. Vibrant Citrus Burst: The Grand Prix coffee greets your palate with a vibrant burst of citrus flavors. Imagine zesty notes of orange or grapefruit that invigorate your senses and create a refreshing and lively start to your coffee experience.

2. Exotic Tropical Fruits: Within this coffee, you'll discover the delightful presence of exotic tropical fruit flavors. Picture the luscious sweetness of pineapple, papaya, or mango, adding a touch of exoticism and providing a deliciously satisfying sensation.

3. Rich Dark Chocolate: As the flavor profile deepens, a velvety layer of rich dark chocolate emerges, contributing depth and indulgence to the cup. The bittersweet notes of chocolate harmonize with the bright fruitiness, creating a captivating balance.

4. Subtle Spice Undertones: Nestled within the complexity of the Grand Prix coffee, you may notice subtle undertones of exotic spices. These hints of spice, such as cinnamon or cloves, lend a touch of warmth and intrigue to each sip, adding another layer of flavor complexity.

5. Medium-bodied with a Smooth Finish: This Papua New Guinea coffee offers a medium-bodied texture that caresses your palate. It presents a smooth and satisfying mouthfeel that carries the flavors effortlessly, leading to a clean and lingering finish.

The Grand Prix Papua New Guinea coffee is a remarkable blend of vibrant citrus, exotic tropical fruits, rich dark chocolate, and subtle spice undertones. It captures the essence of competition and adventure, fueling your taste buds with a thrilling and multi-dimensional coffee experience. Just like a thrilling race, this coffee takes you on a fast-paced journey of flavors that leaves you craving for more.


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