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"The 1000" - Mexico, Chiapas - Medium Roast

"The 1000" - Mexico, Chiapas - Medium Roast

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"The 1000" Chiapas Mexico coffee is a captivating and flavorful variety that pays tribute to the rich coffee-growing region of Chiapas. With its unique characteristics and exquisite taste profile, it promises a remarkable coffee experience.

Tasting Notes:
1. Delicate Floral Aroma: The 1000 Chiapas Mexico coffee greets you with a delicate and enticing floral aroma that hints at the vibrant flavors to come. It carries a subtle fragrance reminiscent of blossoming flowers, adding an elegant touch to the overall experience.

2. Bright Citrus Zest: Upon your first sip, you'll be delighted by the bright and refreshing flavors of citrus zest. Imagine vibrant notes of lemon or orange that invigorate your palate and offer a lively burst of tanginess, creating a revitalizing sensation.

3. Sweet Caramel Undertones: Complementing the citrus zest, this coffee reveals delightful caramel undertones that provide a touch of sweetness. These subtle notes of caramel offer a comforting and well-rounded flavor profile, balancing the overall cup.

4. Smooth Milk Chocolate Finish: As the flavors unfold, you'll experience a smooth and velvety milk chocolate finish. The subtle sweetness and creaminess of milk chocolate linger on your palate, leaving a satisfying and decadent sensation.

5. Medium-bodied with a Clean Finish: The 1000 Chiapas Mexico coffee offers a medium-bodied texture that strikes a balance between richness and drinkability. It presents a clean and refreshing finish that leaves you craving another sip.

The 1000 Chiapas Mexico coffee embodies the charm and distinctiveness of coffee produced in the Chiapas region. With its delicate floral aroma, bright citrus zest, sweet caramel undertones, smooth milk chocolate finish, and clean overall profile, it captures the essence of Chiapas' coffee heritage. This coffee is a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication of the farmers who cultivate and nurture these exceptional beans, resulting in a truly memorable and enjoyable cup. 



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