• Which grind is right for me?

    We break down into 3 grinds. Fine, Medium and Coarse. A fine grind is commonly used for espresso machines, and pour overs. A fine grind works great if you are filling your own K cup as well. A medium grind works best for drip/auto drip coffee makers. And finally, a course grind is primarily used in percolators and French presses.


  • How does the subscription service work?

    Our subscription service is easy! Once you have decided on the Racer Coffee that you love and can't live without, simply click the subscribe button on the product page. Once "subscribe" is clicked, you decide on which grind and how often you want the coffee delivered! Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or every 6 weeks. By subscribing, you automatically save 10% and receive free shipping! You can cancel or change your subscription at anytime!