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I'm so grateful that my office ran out of coffee and forced me to find these guys - awesome coffee! Super nice owner and he definitely knows what he's doing - quality beans and freshly roasted just right. The 1000 Medium Roast Mexican beans make for both an outstanding espresso and French press. I can't wait to go back and try his bourbon barrel aged beans!


One of the best coffee I've ever had in Oceanside. I only had single shot latte but it's way better Sbux :) Well, I don't think it's fair to compare legitimate coffee with Sbux but I had no closer comparison in the area. I know there are some of others coffee shop within 3 miles but within 1 mile, this is the best bet :)


Don't believe me? Go try it and discover how wrong you are.

Im a South O native and proclaim myself an authority on North County Coffee. I felt compelled to write a longer review because I stumbled on this place and I'm confident it is the BEST COFFEE IN OSIDE (and probably north County).

It is a 10/10 in terms of flavor, value, strength, and uniqueness.

Drip coffee was strong, flavorful, and perfect temp.

Nitro cold brew is very smooth and light. Not bitter at all like some chains. Perfect for a place called 'Racer' because it is absolutely loaded with caffeine.

The owner let me try the "Whiskey Throttle" Nitro Cold Brew and it is ABSOLUTELY INSANE. Taste like nitro cold brew with a shot of whiskey. It's so cool I did not feel worthy to order a full glass.

I've become a regular. Stoked to have a place like this close to home. I really hope they are able to expand to more accessible locations with additional seating. Maybe replace one of the many trash coffee shops on coast highway that I won't name.

If you have trouble finding it, go straight into the parking lot from the coal de sac and it's to the right.


The best coffee I’ve ever had accompanied by fantastic service and friendly conversation. I cannot recommend this place enough


Great place the coffee was great as i had the mocha which tasted fantastic and the roasted coffee to take home looked great. It is veteran owned and worth the adventure to get to it. I highly recommend paying a visit and supporting this shop.


The Official Coffee of Weathertech Raceway - Laguna Seca

That's right! A perfect match. The iconic track of Monterey, CA and Racer Coffee Company have partnered to bring you our great craft coffee while at the track!


We bridge the gap between great races and great coffee. A 32' full cafe' on wheels; the Racer speed cafe was created to bring our great coffee to you.

Here you can the see the Speed Cafe' at the 2021 King of the Hammers as the sole coffee provider for the entire lakebed!